Secret recipe for pie crust

Daniel    Jan 12, 202

How to make a pie crust crispy and not tear easily. 1. There is a way to make a pie crust crispy and not tear The way to make the crust is to use ice water, avoid stretching for too long, and add a filling that is not too wet. It staves off failure because it gives the powdery surface a glossy, easily torn surface and softens when cold. 2. How to make chicken shortbread batter How you make the chicken batter is the key to making CRISPY's final product. First, however, try marinating the chicken in salt water overnight. Then protease or cornstarch is added to the flour batter. We also need a wet flour batter and dry flour to wrap the chicken. 3. Is that raw honey? Know and ordinary honey to view the photo is different Raw honey is a kind of natural, fresh honey that has not been disinfected or coagulated. After harvest, the honey is squeezed and filtered and then packaged directly. Original honey tastes like a beehive. 4. The fried pretzel chicken curry recipe may be a sales idea One of the most popular snacks is fritters. Various fillings including chicken curry. Use low protein wheat flour, margarine and white butter to create a crispy crust.