Mysterious Northern Lights Islands

Jack    May 2, 2021

Iceland is an island country in the North Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Greenland and Great Britain, with Reykjavik as its capital. Geographically, Iceland is often considered one of the five Nordic countries. Iceland today is a highly developed country with the fifth highest per capita GDP in the world and the first highest human development index in the world. Although it is Iceland, there are more than 800 natural hot springs, the water temperature can reach 75 degrees Celsius, is the world's most hot springs in the country, so it is known as the 'land of ice and fire'. The island has about 250 alkaline hot springs, the largest of which can produce up to 200 litres of water per second. Iceland many fountains, waterfalls, lakes and rapid rivers, the largest river Siyur Sao River 227 kilometers long. Came to hot springs in the morning, smoke fills the air, the distant mountain peaks, vaguely, give a person a kind of feel like a fairy palace, seems to be tailored for two people, shuttle in the world of ecstasy, feeling is two people's paradise, no sorrow, no worries, chasing each other, fan psychedelic unreal, like only once, but it is not like the distant galaxy line, is so close, natural. No matter be shy girl again, also will be happy to show a smiling face! The sea is blue because it's vast, and the lakes are blue because they're deep, but Iceland's Blue Lake is really, really blue. Blue Lake is the largest hot spring in Iceland. It is about an hour's drive southeast of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. When I saw the Blue Lake with my own eyes, I couldn't believe it could exist on Earth. The Blue Lake floated faintly, like a silent dream, amid a mass of ugly black rocks. The white bottom of the lake will be particularly beautiful against the blue water, more moving than in the photo, just like the fairy bathed in the lake.