The fashion sheet of big star people is tasted darling platform shoe, with why so popular

Daniel    Jan 12, 2021

Summer is here again, and I'm sure you're starting to get all those little heels out of your shoe closet and wear them with a little skirt. But stepping on high-heeled shoes, wearing a beautiful small skirt, every morning a full of vitality of the fashionable modern girl, after work will drag the pace of exhaustion and 'scarred' heel, which makes many girls have a bitter word. So, is there a shoe that looks good, elongates your figure like high heels, and is comfortable at the same time? What Ruijiang wants to introduce to everybody today is already good-looking and satisfied comfortable 'cake shoes'. The Past and Present Lives of Platform Shoes Platform shoes have taken the fashion world by storm again since Stella McCartney launched a line of platform shoes a few years ago. In fact, platform shoes have been popular since the 1970s. From the '70s to the' 90s, platform shoes reached their peak in the fashion world and became a must-have item for fashionable women. It's worth noting that many of the '90s fashion trends are making a comeback, not just in platform shoes. Fashion is like a closed loop, representing a revival of 90s mommy jeans, leather and so on. Platform shoes have also made a well-deserved comeback as a synonym for rebellious, avant-garde fashion in the '90s. The introduction of platform shoes into fashion began with Salvatore Ferragamo's 'Cork Sandal' collection in 1930, which is still considered a fashion pioneer today. But the history of platform shoes is much deeper than that. As early as the Middle Ages, these shoes helped people avoid mud and rubbish (medieval streets were littered with rubbish and excrement), and they can also be seen on the stage of Greek dramas. So, in the early days, the invention of platform shoes was not only for fashion, but also for the needs of life and the needs of the art stage. How does cake shoe match? I learned about the history of platform shoes. And most importantly, how exactly should platform shoes go together? First of all, let's take a look at the collocation of stars. Chlo Sevigny, an American actor and model, wore a shirt with bubble-sleeved sleeves, black wide-legged trousers, and white platform shoes. Sevigny's outfit can also be a learning object for overweight girls. Black wide-leg pants are a great way to hide excess leg fat, and a pair of white platform shoes will add height without looking too bulky.