The audience issue for the Tokyo Olympic Games will be decided through the five-party talks

Smith John    Oct 10, 2021

Japan's Olympic Minister Joyo Marukawa said Wednesday that in consideration of the future COVID-19 infection, the five-party talks with the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be held to properly deal with the audience and other issues at the Tokyo Olympics. As the epidemic in Tokyo continues to worsen, there are opinions within the Japanese government and ruling party that the Olympic Games should be considered without spectators. Marukawa said Tuesday he will hold five-party talks with the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games to clarify how to deal with the problem if Tokyo issues an emergency declaration or applies 'key measures such as prevention of contagion'. She also said there was a consensus on a rapid response in light of the dramatic changes in infection and medical conditions. On the other hand, Marukawa said that some news media and the visiting Olympic delegation entered the same bus to conduct interviews, which increased the risk of the spread of the infection, and future measures will be taken to require the media to abide by the rules of prevention. Minister of Japanese Olympic Games ball chuchuan bead generation says, below the setting that the virus strain of mutation novel coronavirus delta spreads scope to expand, the personnel such as the Olympic athlete that plans to ask entry into Japan undertakes nucleic acid test of novel coronavirus every day inside 7 days before entry into Japan, the implementation of this one plan needs to undertake cooperation with each country Olympic Committee. Mr. Marukawa also said that if the athletes tested positive for nucleic acid when they entered the country, the government would trace their flight schedules to identify close contacts and transport them on buses prepared in advance by the airport quarantine department to separate them from ordinary passengers.