American troops are leaving Afghanistan

Smith John    Aug 22, 2021

Russia's Sputnik News Agency reported on July 2 that Fox News (Fox News) quoted senior U.S. officials as saying that U.S. troops will soon withdraw from Bagram Air Base, the largest airbase in Afghanistan. In early June, Afghanistan's 1TV television reported, citing a U.S. military spokesman, that U.S. forces would hand over the Bagram base to Afghan security forces. About 50 kilometers north of Kabul, Bagram is the main American air base in Afghanistan. It can operate and land C-5 large transport planes, B-1 and other strategic bombers, as well as various types of fighter jets and helicopters. At its peak, the United States has stationed more than 40,000 troops here and its military value is significant. In 2020, the then-Trump administration signed the first peace deal with the Taliban in 18 years of war. The agreement stipulates that foreign troops should withdraw from Afghanistan in phases within 14 months and that an inter-Afghan dialogue should begin after a prisoner exchange. Biden took office pledging to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by May 1, 2021, and September 11, in full coordination with Allies.