Tchaikovsky Art Prize Asian Piano Open in 2021

Peterson    Jan 12, 2021

Competition is introduced The Tchaikovsky Art Prize Asia Piano Open is an international piano competition launched in 2020 on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the birth of the world famous musician Tchaikovsky. The competition aims to build a platform for competitors to compete and show. With the purpose of creating a fair, just and influential high-level music competition, the competition will promote the development of international piano education. To explore and help more talented piano players step into the international music stage and realize their music dreams. The 'Tchaikovsky Art Prize' Asian Piano Open in 2021 will be held in two rounds: 'Selection' and 'Final'. Professor Yuriy Kot, director of Piano Department of Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music of Ukraine and People's Artist, will serve as the chairman of the jury of this competition. The jury of each round is composed of professors, pianists and experts of music education at home and abroad from world-famous music colleges such as Moscow National Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, Ukraine National Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, Russia Genesin Conservatory of Music and Central Conservatory of Music. As the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading in many countries and regions, it is difficult for judges and contestants from all over the world to gather together. The 'finals' of this competition is scheduled to be held in August 2021 by online mode, and experts from famous conservatory of music will make one-to-one comments for all the contestants, so that more piano students can really gain substantial growth through the competition. The organizer Global Alliance of Music Artists Global Trials The Global Competition of 2021 is open to piano players from all over the world. The jury is made up of domestic and foreign music education experts and pianists, including professors of internationally renowned conservatories of music. At the same time, every contestant participating in the 'online competition' will be awarded the 'Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music Expert Review'; The second prize or above in each group of the 'trial' will be qualified for the 'final'. Award setting & scoring criteria In 2021, there will be 'First Prize', 'Second Prize', 'Third Prize' and 'Performance Award' for all groups in the selection round. The scoring standard of each group is one hundred percent system, and the corresponding awards and certificates of honor will be awarded according to the average score of each contestant. The score above 85 is the first prize, 75-84.99 is the second prize, and 65-74.99 is the third prize. The proportion of each award depends on the overall situation of the contestants. If there is a special outstanding one among the first prize contestants, the 'special prize' will be awarded. The first, second and third prize winners will be awarded the honorary medal of 'Tchaikovsky Art Award', and the instructor will be awarded the certificate of 'honorary instructor'