Russell Simmons launches exclusive collection on new NFT platform Tokau

Jack    Jan 12, 2021

Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records (now Universal Music's largest music label), teamed up with Tokau to create an exclusive NFT collection entitled 'Masterminds of Hip Hop.' HipHop mastermind). The series was created by original HipHop singers and other legendary musicians. The joint venture between Ruseell Simmons and Tokau aims to put what is now a multi-billion dollar music industry deep in the soil and blood, giving more aspiring original artists a wider space to develop. Dennis Jia (also known as Dennis Tok), co-CEO of Toaku, said, 'We are thrilled to partner with Russell to create content that represents the culture of hip-hop music. Our goal is to give original artists more confidence and recognition.' 'I always think of the early days of recorded hip-hop, when it was just a performance art. Rappers and DJs are pioneers in this field and they are the ones who have made it so popular. But I don't think these people have been given their fair share of credit, so I'm going to take this opportunity to reintroduce them in a new way.' Russell Simmons has teamed up with Tokau to sign more than 15 veteran Hip Hop creators. 'Masterminds of Hip Hop' is divided into two stages - pre-recorded and early recorded, releasing no less than 40 exclusive NFTs. Each NFT will be a special collection, designed and curated by Russell Simmons and the Tokau team behind the stories of each hip-hop artist. The whole series will show the origin and development of hip-hop music as a whole. 'Artists can now use cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in such a powerful way to showcase their art and stories to the public,' said Miranda Tan, a Tokau spokesperson. This reflects a new phase in the integration of fintech and blockchain technology with the arts. Tokau is the world's leading platform for blockchain NFT technology and fan interaction. Tokau uses NFT to help celebrities and content creators monetize their IP. Tokau has built a communication channel between celebrities and users. In addition, athletes' IP is also closely watched. Tokau has signed exclusive deals with dozens of the world's top celebrities and celebrities, and plans to sign more influencers in the near future. In addition, Tokau plans to find more athletes, artists and entertainers from around the world to work with. As of April 2021, the market for non-functional transactions was valued at $2 billion, an increase of 2,100% since December 2020. It is expected to grow exponentially over the next 12 months. Tokau is planning to develop their NFT business with Bakeryswap, Binance NFT Market and others, and will release the first version in September 2021. About Tokau Tokau is the world's first platform to use blockchain NFT technology to connect celebrities, web celebritys and fans. Tokau has offices in Tokyo, Beijing and the United States. To learn more about Tokau, visit On Gushcloud International, GushCloud International is a global technology-driven content creator and media company with a focus on talent marketing, entertainment IP, and e-commerce. GushCloud International has four branches, namely Talent Agency, Content Creation Center, Entertainment Department and Live Streaming Department. GushCloud has business in 11 countries, including North Asia, Southeast Asia, the United States and Australia, and is headquartered in Singapore.