The origin of the special forces snake eyes

Edith    Jan 12, 2021

Made by the us Paramount film, adapted from hasbro's well-known toy IP 'special forces' new work 'the special forces: snake eyes origin today released the first notice the return of the' warrior 'and new full squad poster, surrounding the legendary warrior snake eyes launched a new story for the first time publicly, important role in the trailer, watch full of exciting. G.I. Joe: Snake Eye Origins tells the story of Henry Golding's Snake Eye who saves the white ghost, the heir to the Arashi Shadow family, and returns with him to Japan to train as a ninja. In 'arashi shadow gens' in the day of the life, snake eye learned the various skills about ninja not only, also had the thing that he longs for all the time at the same time -- a home. But as the secrets of Snake-Eye's past are gradually revealed, his honor and loyalty will be put to the test, even if it means losing the trust of those closest to him. The notice that releases this first with a thrilling and exciting highway chase war to pull open prelusive, then snake eye came to have 600 years of history together with white ghost 'haze shadow gen', their feeling that becomes a friend here is deep day by day. And as time elapse, snake eye and white phantom produced different opinion to respective position and search the truth, the two people that have deep fetter will make what kind of choice to this, very intriguing. At the same time, all the important characters of the film are introduced, Scarlett is one of the enemy 100, Yakiko holding a long knife is brave, the Baroness beautiful appearance skills. Cool, smooth and refreshing action scenes throughout, let people call it addictive. Earlier as a 'snake eyes' Henry golding has revealed the origin of special forces: snake eyes will fully exert the role of 'snake eyes' the mystery of the background, the audience to witness its complex charm: 'you're going to see his faults, see his mistakes, but also witness to him for the faults of some less than you think and do our best.' In addition to focusing on the personal coming-of-age story of Snake Eye, the film also presents a variety of emotional dimensions, such as the bond between brothers, the change of position as frenemies, and aims to let the audience better grow up with the characters and experience the world of G.I. Joe. Although Snake-Eye plays an important role throughout G.I. Joe and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the first two films in the series, he is not the central character in the story, so the details of his life and character are not revealed. The latest film in the series, G.I. Joe: Snake Eye Origins, will be the best opportunity for audiences to learn about the character and breathe new life into the G.I. Joe franchise. G.I. Joe: Snake Eye Origins was directed by Robert Swink and written by Evan Spiriotopoulos. Henry Golding stars as the title character Snake Eye, Andrew Colgie as the ninja White Ghost, Samara Weaver as Scarlett, Iko Uais as Master Harder, Ursula Corvero as Baroness, and Haruka Ann as Akiko. With the release of the new poster, showing more details of the characters and world view scenes, the new cast brings a new visual sense, is very exciting. Paramount Pictures will release G.I. Joe: Snake Eye Origins on July 23, 2021 in North America.