Britney Spears reported the incident before the hearing

Jensen    Jan 12, 2021

Britney Spears captured global attention at the end of last month when she appeared at a video hearing to remove her father Jamie Spears from custody after 13 years of emotional abuse. She complained that her father had used a contraceptive device to prevent her from having children. The New Yorker magazine said on Monday that Spears had called 911 the night before the hearing, saying she was a 'victim of regulatory abuse.' The day before the hearing, Spears reported to 911 that she was a 'victim of regulatory abuse,' but the tape of the call has been sealed for an investigation while her regulatory case continues, The New Yorker reported, citing friends of Spears and law enforcement officials. Currently, Spears' assets are owned by her father and financial manager Bessemer Trust Co. She wants to remove her father from the management list, but a judge has twice rejected her earlier requests, finding Spears 'substantially incapable of managing her finances and resisting fraud or improper influence.' The financial manager she appointed, Bessemer Trust Co. It has chosen to remove itself and no longer serves her. Spears' mother, who divorced Jamie in 2002, said in an interview last month that she was worried about her daughter because she found the whole regulatory issue complicated. The source said that Spears' mother believes that Jamie has not told her the truth and that she is concerned about her daughter's supervision status and will do all she can to help Spears. Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney's sister, said in a statement that she has always been supportive of her sister and wishes her happiness. 'It's not that I don't care about my sister because I don't live up to the expectations of people to be supportive of my sister in public and on social media,' Spears said. 'I have not been in Britney's custody for two years. I have not spoken to my daughter in a long time. We have been cut off,' he said in a court filing. Refute the outside accusation.