No gender freedom to dress

Smith John    Apr 25, 2021

Proclaiming the freedom to dress without gender, a new generation of designers is piecing together a vision of what humanity will look like in the future.'In the early days, people were intersex, and the body was like a ball, half male and half female, and then it was split in the middle, so everyone was trying to find their other half to be whole again.'-- Plato Grace Jones A look at the history of European fashion shows that even at a time when the gender divide was obvious, the high heels, lace and leggings that are now the identifying signals of women's dress were once the preserve of male aristocrats. Since the development of human civilization, through the influence of different cultural trends in various stages, fashion, as an important carrier of gender awareness and attitude, has added an indelible memory to fashion. Coco Chanel's first trouser suit, designed at the beginning of the last century, broke the centuries-old gender taboo that women could only keep their bodies in skirts, and was widely regarded as the beginning of non-sexism. Coco Chanel wore a trouser suit designed by her Hippie culture flourished with the rise of psychedelic rock in San Francisco. The 'hippie movement', with its motto 'Do your own things', also heralded an era of freedom. In 1966, Yves SaintLaurent, inspired by the men's dress, reshaped the gender concept of the fashion industry with the first female Smoking jacket 'Le Smoking', and became a symbol of women breaking free from the shackles of gender under the feminist trend of thought.