Romantic hometown

Webber    May 6, 2020

Romantic Paris, the paradise of art. Noble and elegant buildings, gorgeous and charming clothes; Elegant manners, elegant speech, from the old coffee shop to the busy streets, the modern and classical blend here. It will be morning when we get to Paris; the morning glow will change here! For a while into pink, for a while into gold, even the clouds are also the morning glow with pink and gold, the sky beautiful like a painting, let me be intoxicated. The Seine River is at the foot of the tower. It flows quietly, like a green ribbon around Paris. The river was dotted with pleasure boats. Paris is also the true capital of flowers. It is not wrong to call it 'the capital of flowers'. Whether on the table, on the balcony, in the yard, or in front of the shop window, along the street, in the arms of people, eyes are full of flowers in full bloom, the air is filled with intoxicating fragrance. When I arrived in Paris, I was deeply impressed by its charm. The Eiffel Tower is charming. The Eiffel Tower is something of a symbol of Paris. The romance of Paris can not be fully expressed in language, as Xu Zhimo said, 'to Paris will not be in the rare heaven.' The romance of Paris comes not only from the sense of history, from the places of interest, but also from the romance that spills out from every corner, from the sentimentalism left by the previous generation of 'tramps', from the street sculptures that represent the city. The soul...