The mysterious Provence

Henson    Jun 16, 2021

Provence is located in the south of France, extending from the Mediterranean coast to the inland hilly region, in the middle of the river Phone, many historic towns, since ancient times with beautiful sunshine and blue sky, the world is amazing. From the day of its birth, Provence in the south of France carefully guarded its secret, until the arrival of the Englishman Peter Mayle, Provence for a long time the unique lifestyle of the veil gradually lifted. 'Provence' in Meier's pen is no longer a simple regional name, but also represents a simple carefree, relaxed and lazy way of life; A kind of honor not surprised, to see the flowers bloom before the court; Have no intention to stay, look at the sky cloud Shuanyunshu leisure artistic conception. Now, every year millions of people into the southern France of Provence and the Azur Cote d 'Azur, in person on the picture book difficult to describe the scenery and the novel of the incredible leisure, if travel is to get rid of the shackles of life, Provence will let you forget everything. The French Provence of the sky is blue and clear, the air like fresh chilled lemonade into the lungs, the deepest part of the heart like a spring flow through, straight want to sing loud. The lavender all over the mountains and fields let a person ecclesiastic, on the bicycle, on the cow's head, the skirt edge of the girl is inserted full of deep purple shallow blue flowers, the whole valley is filled with ripe thick grass fragrance. A field of lavender cages and tall sunflowers stretched in neat rows into the distance. An apple tree lay on the edge of the field and a few small brick houses with yellow walls and blue wood Windows were not far away Whole provencal prosperous area has unusual charm because of extremely rich change -- weather rain or shine is uncertain, warm wind genial, cold wind is wild, topotopical ups and downs, plain is vast, peak ridge precipitous, lonely canyons, desolate ancient fort, winding mountain range and lively metropolis -- all on the earth of this piece of France deduce 10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings. In July and August, lavender blossoms in the wind, rich colors adorn the verdant valleys, and slightly pungent scents mingle with the fragrance of scorched grass to create the most unforgettable scent in the South of France. In terms of food, Provence's biggest advantage lies in the rich agricultural products, fresh vegetables and fruits, olive oil, garlic, seafood, spices combined into diners' paradise. The number of events in this area is even more dizzying, from the Monton Lemon Festival in February to the Avignon Art Festival in July and August. Ou Hongji's opera festival to the lavender festival of puwang si mountainous area in August, four times echo the unrestrained years of the mountain city. The colour of the freedom to bewitch the inspiration of artists, including Cezanne, van gogh, monet, Picasso, chagall per capita in provence art to a new stage of life, azure coast hedonism ethos, has also attracted the American writer Fitzgerald, the British writer d.h. Lawrence, French writer Huxley, Nietzsche, such as people come to pilgrimage, of course, Peter Mayer, whose 'A Year in Provence' took Provence to its zenith.