Wade    Jul 11, 2021

The 10,000-Hour Rule. Simply put, it says that anyone who wants to excel in any field needs to devote more than 10,000 hours to it. 10,000 hours is a breakout point. For 10 hours a day, Ten thousand hours is three years. That means you need to put in 10 hours a day for three years to succeed at something. If it was just five hours a day, that would take six years. 10000 is the critical point for success. In the learning process, there is a minimum critical mass of practice for perfect mastery of a complex skill. In fact, the researchers have a magic critical mass for practice time :10.000 hours, 'Studies have found that any world-class level requires at least 10,000 hours of training,' writes neurologist Daniel Leviting As he studied, composers, basketball players, writers, walkers, pianists, chess players, even bandits, No matter what you are, the magic number of 10,000 hours keeps popping up again and again. Of course, that doesn't explain why, right Some people get better results from the same amount of training. But to be sure, no one world has yet been found Class I specialists have less than this amount of training in their profession. The brain seems to have to take that long to digest Achieve a high level of proficiency. Do you want to become an expert in a neckline? If so, there is no other magic. Or, the trick is as simple as getting involved 10,000 hours! The 1000 rule is like the 10-year rule The 10-year rule: The psychologist has established his own set of psychological rules, which means to become a master in any field It takes about 10 years of hard work Simon's 10-year rule tells people to achieve a master, to have a lofty ideal, high goals have great achievements: to be firm With unremitting efforts, any change will lead to nothing. There is a long process of continuous development, from weakness to success.