Barcelona will complete a complete rebuild by signing Lionel Messi and signing new signings

Peterson    Jul 12, 2021

In July, messi officially became a free agent, this is the first time that may host to become a free agent, of course, everyone knows that Lionel messi and Barcelona contract the possibility is very large, he is unlikely to go to Manchester city at this stage, a greater, or major league soccer (MLS) in the United States, especially in the friend sergio aguero has officer xuan came to Barcelona. According to 90min, Barcelona need to sell eight players, including Griezmann, Pianic, Dembele and Coutinho, in order to renew Messi's contract and sign new signings. This means that Barcelona will complete reconstruction in the summer of this season, on the one hand is the first person messi renewal in team history, some players need to leave at the same time, including overall underperforming in Barcelona lattice boltzmann and pia niki, and injuries outside at the same time there are a lot of controversy, Mr Lai, and um deedee World Cup players like this, But his overall performance at Barcelona was not as good. According to, Barcelona are currently unable to register new signings because their players' salaries are so high that they exceed the La Liga salary cap, while Messi's contract extension has stalled. Barca have already shipped fibo, trincon, de la fuente and todibo. The next major targets of the Barca management are Umtiti, Coutinho and Pianici, all of whom are expected to leave Barca. According to Italian journalist Matteo Moreto, Griezmann is indeed likely to leave Barca this summer, with Premier League clubs reportedly eyeing him with an offer of players as well as cash, if the price is right. Barca would consider letting go the French superstar, who has never found his place in the team. At the moment Barcelona's financial situation is not very good, even more than expected, so the removal of some players, they must do something.