Fashion crossover architecture pioneering, the father of minimalist archit

Smith John    Feb 2, 2021

Fashion crossover architecture pioneering, the father of minimalist architecture Claudio Silvestrin x Giada documentary officially releasedItalian luxury brand GIADA unveiled the first film in its 'Art to Art' series at the China Hotel in Beijing--The Becoming of a Virtuoso: Claudio Silvestrin At the premiere, Mr. Emanuele de Maigret, Deputy Director and Minister Counselor of the Italian Embassy in China; Mr. Zhao Yizheng, General Manager of GIADA Greater China; Mr. Stephan, General Manager of China Grand Hotel and Regional Manager of Shangri-La Group Unique, Kapek, Supermodel & Sincere and several fashion bloggers are committed to witnessing the premiere of this film. The Italian Ambassador to China, Mr. Luca Ferrari, sent a remote greeting via video, saying, 'The collaboration between GIADA and the architect Claudio Silvestrin enriches the possibilities of collaboration between art, design and fashion and facilitates a forward-looking dialogue. 'He said that the event, to be held in China, would evoke many profound commonalities between the two thousand-year-old cultures of Italy and China.The Becoming of a Virtuoso is about The design concept and four architectural works of Claudio Silvestrin, The father of minimalist architecture in Europe and designer of GIADA's global store image. Claudio Silvestrin's interest in philosophy, creativity and attention to detail are all reflected in his unique architectural style, which gives viewers a solemn, contemporary and timeless feeling. The film shows the flagship store he designed for Giada at 15 Via Monteapoleone in Milan, along with three other prominent architectural works by Claudio Silvestrin, Villa Neuendorf in Majorca, Portugal, Outlet Village in Torino, Italy, and Castle Rocca Sinibalda in Leti. The Becoming of a Virtuoso: Claudio Silvestrin is The first film in The 'Art to Art' series, each of which will tell The story of an artist with a deep connection to Giada and show their relationship with Art.Claudio Silvestrin himself was unable to attend due to the international outbreak. 'Nature is my eternal inspiration,' he said via video link. The sunrise and sunset on the earth and the beautiful stars around it make us happy and moved by this beauty. The beauty of nature, like the warm feeling of flowers on a rock, inspired me greatly in the design of the Giada flagship store.'After the movie opened, Famous actor Zhang Jingchu, curator of Today Art Museum and guest lecturer of Central Academy of Fine Arts Zhang Ran, Deng Yuanye, editorial director of 'Wallpaper*' magazine, Paolo Vincenzo Genovese, Valode & Pistre, professor of School of Architecture at Tianjin University Leonardo Mariani, Design Director of Architects, was the special guest to discuss film, architecture, art and culture.On the evening of the event, the architectural works designed by Claudio Silvestrin were exhibited in the form of video at Giada Boutique of the China Grand Hotel. The boutique is connected to Giada Garden, Giada's first high-end dining and art space. Since the Giada Garden opened in March this year, it has quickly become the capital's newest destination to experience the Italian lifestyle. Chef Marino D 'Antonio, from Bergamo in northern Italy, made a special selection of art-themed desserts for the premiere, each of which was inspired by the architectural work of Claudio Silvestrin.